How to hire a live chat agent

The way people shop and browse online is changing, and expectations are rising. To provide the best user experience possible on your website, an omnichannel approach to communication is required.

Phone calls are still a crucial form of communication, but in many instances, an outsourced live chat can provide a more convenient medium – providing instant answers.

To provide you with further insights on this communication software, we’ve discussed how to hire live chat agents, answering the most common questions such as “what is a live chat agent?”.

What is a live chat agent?

A live chat agent is someone who communicates with your customers via your business’s live chat software. This can be a person within your actual company or an outsourced agent. Because website visitors tend to be very impatient, the quicker they can ask questions and receive answers the better your chances of converting them into customers and clients.

If you decide to add live chat functionality to your website, you can look to deal with the chats yourself, hire a full-time employee or outsource to a managed live chat provider. Whether or not you are looking to hire a live chat agent to work in-house, or you are looking to use a third-party company to provide a managed live chat service, the skill set required is the same.