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Convert more web visitors into customers

Our unique, turnkey solution offers up the very best agents combined with leading live chat technology to boost site conversion and maximize sales.

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Live Chat increases conversions by 40%
We represent your business perfectly
The #1 reason why businesses struggle to deliver live chat themselves is a lack of in-house resource. Our Managed Live Chat solution takes that headache away by giving you professional, US-based, Moneypenny agents to look after chats whenever you need. Briefed by you, they are the friendliest ‘virtual’ store assistants you never knew you needed.
A knowledge base jam-packed with your insight
Together, we compile a comprehensive list of FAQs. With the help of some clever software identifying and matching keywords with the appropriate response, we have everything we need to assist your website visitors and represent your business in the right way.
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Precious leads always sent to the right place
Guessing is just not how we work! The first thing we’ll do if we’re ever unsure on how best to help a particular visitor, is capture their details. Taking the time to really understand the ins and outs of your business allows us to filter and field your live chat inquiries to your relevant team members or departments to pick up.

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Put your stamp on it
With our fully customizable Design Studio, you’re in complete control of how Live Chat looks on your website. Change the color, positions, chat button style, optimize it for mobile, add pre-chat forms, upload backgrounds and much more.
Engage with customers at exactly the right time
Maximize the potential of every web visitor by setting proactive chats to appear after a certain amount of time on a page or as they are about to exit your site. You can also personalize live chat messaging to reflect whether they’re a new or returning visitor, and the page they’re viewing now or previously, to truly personalize their journey.
Optimize your marketing campaigns
Live Chat needn’t start with your website. We know that 38% of customers end up purchasing as a result of a live chat encounter. Headline chat wherever you’re engaging with customers by enabling them to start a chat from your emails, QR codes and social media accounts.
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Capture the 46% of chats taking place out of hours

Be available around the clock with Moneypenny agents securing every opportunity, even when your opening hours say you're closed.

Our software includes loads of clever features

File Sharing

File sharing

Allows agents and visitors to upload and send files.

Online Portal

Online portal

Full access to view reports and edit features.

Auto Translate


Interact with customers in over 100 languages.

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Pre-chat Surveys

Pre-chat surveys

Gather pre-qualifying information from visitors.



Can signpost, problem-solve and sell, all in one.

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Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

Seamless connectivity so we can handle these chats too.

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Data compliant

Data compliant

Consent checker capability with encrypted data transfer.

Guided browsing

Guided browsing

Automatic web page redirect for visitors during a chat.

Design Studio

Design Studio

Customize how Live Chat looks on your website.

Improve customer satisfaction levels
Want to see your CSAT score increase by as much as 25% after implementing live chat? With post-chat surveys, you can ask your customers for actionable feedback which is instantly visible in your portal.
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Track your performance in real time
Not only will your dedicated reporting suite be providing you with all the information you need to make data-driven decisions, but your Google Analytics account will also be tracking live chat events, so you can see at a glance how many chats have taken place.

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