Best live chat for websites: Chat features to look for

When it comes to providing a great user experience on your business website, design is key. It is essential to have a professional, aesthetically pleasing website that is easy to navigate. Website speed is vital when it comes to communication; users all have one thing in common – they are impatient.

With this in mind, if a potential customer can’t find what they are looking for, they are more likely to leave your website than to send a follow-up email or call your phone number. Live chat can drastically improve the user and customer experience provided by your website. By using live chat features, visitors benefit from having the speed of interaction they desire, and your business benefits from more leads and sales.

Not only that but providing instant responses to queries from both potential and existing customers can significantly improve their perception of your business. When you add a live chat feature on your website, you’ll see the real results. But what are the benefits? We explain all, below.

What can live chat features do for your website?

Live chat usually has one of two primary purposes when installed on a website. It is either used to:

  1. Convert visitors into customers or clients
  2. Reduce customer service emails and phone calls

Speed is the underlying issue with communication when it comes to satisfying both potential and existing customers. A recent study showed that taking 5 minutes or more to respond to an inquiry decreased the odds of contacting the individual who inquired – by ten times!

People just won’t wait for a response; it’s quicker and easier to go back to Google and find an alternative competitor. So, introducing live chat features to your website is highly beneficial.

Live chat and customer service

Clearly, the need for speed is evident when it comes to lead generation and sales. Live chat outperforms both email and phone calls drastically in this area. Not only that but using live chat features, which are based in the resident country of the visitor, can help to build genuine rapport and meaningful interactions with visitors that make them feel valued.

Live chat is also the preferred channel for customer service. So much so that in a study conducted back in 2016, nine out of ten respondents stated that they expect to be able to use live chat to get help from a company.

For the visitor, live chat provides a great user experience. For the company behind the website, it can generate more leads, sales and make customer service more efficient and satisfactory.

Introducing Live Chat from Moneypenny

Unlike many other live chat services and providers, all of our live chat agents are based right here in the US.

Having real people behind live chat is a huge advantage compared to chatbots that use either decision-tree programming or artificial intelligence. While chatbots are great for handling frequently asked questions, they cannot build rapport and have real character and charm like our highly trained US-based live chat agents.

Some people are afraid of artificial intelligence or don’t like interacting with bots. Using real people with fantastic customer service makes users feel important and valued, which gives them a great first impression of your brand.

Highly-trained dedicated live chat agents

The ultimate virtual sales assistant, our live chat agents provide a personal touch and warmer customer journey. Our research shows that 44% of people are looking for advice during an online purchase.

However, people are not looking to talk to a bot or an agent that doesn’t empathize with them or know the website inside-out. There is no point in having a live chat feature on your website if the experience proves annoying because the live chat agent can’t help or takes minutes instead of seconds to respond.

With Moneypenny’s service, you can brief your dedicated Moneypenny receptionist on exactly how you want your chats to be handled. They are picked specifically to match your business, and the chances are that they will have months, if not years, of experience dealing with customers from your niche or industry.

24/7 live chat

With the number of people working shifts in the US going up in the last five years, having 24/7 customer service available instantly can give you a key competitive advantage.

Our research shows that 37% of people prefer to contact businesses out of hours. People who work regular office hours will still find it more convenient to contact a company late in the evening. For example, a working parent may be busy all day with their job and not have a chance to contact a business until late in the evening, after the children are put to bed.

Depending on the inquiry, it is often the case that a customer cannot wait until morning to have their issue resolved or that a user wants information about a service immediately. A 24/7 service can also provide geographic flexibility if you serve a global customer base. Overall, implementing live chat demonstrates a commitment to your customers and website users, which then reflects well on your brand.

Customizable live chat software

With Moneypenny’s live chat for websites, you can customize the live chat window to best represent your brand. The live chat window also has a human touch thanks to the images of the relevant user agents.

You can also customize the chat button, the time it takes for proactive chat windows to appear, and the greeting. You can also set different greetings and choose whether to have proactive chats specific to each page of the website.

Online live chat reporting

Reporting can help inform the customization of your live chat software features. It can also be helpful when it comes to updating the design of your website. For example, if live chat agents get asked the same questions regularly, it may help with conversion rates to add those questions into the copy on particular web pages.

Reporting also helps track the impact that live chat has on the website performance and which settings and customizations work best on which web pages.

Chatbots & human live chat agent integration

Chatbots can be used effectively to reduce the number of live chat agents required at a specific point in time. Our optional, programmable chatbots can be included to auto-respond to users, qualify leads and assist with frequently asked questions.

Chat features like this one enable you to greet every visitor and tailor the experience entirely. This intelligent feature lets you implement questions to identify the reasoning behind an inquiry. And if the chatbot doesn’t resolve an issue, our trained, human receptionists can immediately take over and customer contact details can be recorded for a callback or email enquiry.

Overflow service

An overflow service works great when an employee or business owner prefers to handle chats whenever they are available. When you are logged in, the chats will be handled by you; when you log out or are unavailable, your dedicated agent(s) will take over.

24/7 customer support

Not only can your website users enjoy 24/7 live chat features and support, but so can you. We provide out-of-hours support for all of our clients so that you are never offline.

No long-term contracts

With Moneypenny, there are no long-term contracts. After your free trial, the minimum contract is three months. After the initial three months contract is over, we require one month’s notice to cancel, from the date of your next invoice.

Great customer reviews

Thanks to our experience, our amazing attention to detail, and customer support, our TrustPilot reviews are rated “Excellent.”Thanks to our experience, our amazing attention to detail, and customer support, our Trustpilot and Google reviews are rated “Excellent.” Because we have US-based live chat receptionists that are highly skilled, industry knowledge, and original recruitment and training strategies and handy live chat software features, you will always have the greatest experience, people and software on your side after you sign up.

Free trial

Enjoy a one-week free trial, with no need to provide your payment details and no obligation to sign-up. Live chat provides an efficient and effective channel that helps drastically improve user and customer experience on your website. In terms of improving conversion rate – i.e., generating more leads and sales, introducing live chat features to your website provides a cost-effective tool that can significantly enhance performance overnight.

For information on Moneypenny’s award-winning live chat service and what it entails, check out the latest over on our blog.