New Wellness Room open at Duluth, GA HQ

This week, the newly decorated Wellness Room was unveiled at our Duluth, GA Headquarters. 

Our office, completed in early 2021 doubled the size of our previous premises. At 27,000 sq feet, the whole space has been specially soundproofed, complete with airy desk pods and state of the art head-sets to minimise background noise, both for callers, and to create a pleasant environment for our team.  

All this, nestled in a stunning space designed and built by Nelsons Architects, Lincoln Property team and Merit Construction. 

The new Wellness Room, expertly decorated by our Executive Assistant Elizabeth Beebe, has a calming neutral feel, with plenty of homely touches. 

“Our open-plan office is amazing. It puts a smile on the face of everyone in the team, encourages socializing and is a great place for us to share celebrations, achievements, or just a coffee” comments Sheila Davidson, VP of Operations “but we felt we needed a space for those times where our team can take 5, decompress, and centre themselves” 

The mental and physical health and well-being of our team is a big priority for us at Moneypenny, and is central to everything we do.  

Group CEO Joanna explains why “My belief is that awesome people do awesome things. But you need to value them as the whole and unique individuals that they are. Wellness is as unique as each individual that you employ” 

If your people are in good health, then so is your business. Yes, by its very nature, great team wellness leads to increased productivity but it is also the right way to do business, setting up for long-term future success.