Integrating Moneypenny with an API

In order to have details from your Moneypenny messages dropped into your system, it will need to have an ‘open API’. You can check with your provider to find out if it has this already.

The API is able to drop the following details from Moneypenny calls into your system:

Date The date the message was sent
Caller Name The name of the caller
Caller Company The company they were calling from
Caller Number Their telephone number
Action Taken What we did with the call or message e.g. transferred the call/emailed a message
Staff Member’s name The name of the person the call was for
Message Details The details of the call taken by Moneypenny

1. Your software provider or IT team will need to set up this integration for you. To access the API documentation, they will need to visit this link. They will need a ‘key’ value, which you will need to provide them with.

Test image

2. To create the key you will first need to log in to your Moneypenny portal here:

3. Once you have logged in, you will need to visit this link –

Test image

4. You will then need to click ‘How to use’ and then ‘Create Key’

Test image

5. Once the key has been generated, you will need to give this to your software provider or IT team to complete the set-up.

6. Your IT provider will see this page where they will need to click ‘Authorize’ and enter in the ‘key’ value you have given them.

Test image

If the key expires before you have set up your integration, you can simply create a new one by clicking on the ‘Create Key’ button on your Moneypenny portal again.

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