What is a warm transfer & why is it important?

Anyone who knows anything about business knows that building a brand is vital to the long-term success of any company. A brand isn’t just a logo and a color scheme; it’s a manifestation of your values as a company and how you personify those values to deliver your service or product.

You can build a brand with advertising, through storytelling and by creating a digital presence, but it won’t be robust or meaningful if your customer service is lacking in even the slightest capacity.

Handling calls correctly and utilizing what’s known as ‘warm transfer’ effectively can be an important part of your overall branding strategy. People want to do business with people that make them feel appreciated and valued.

But what is warm transfer? And how does it differ to cold transfer?

What is a warm transfer?

A warm transfer is considered one of the best methods for providing a smoother and friendly caller experience. A warm transfer occurs when one employee answers a call and then transfers the call to a different employee but passes on any relevant information so that the caller doesn’t have to repeat themselves.

The original employee will then speak to the caller again to introduce the next person who will handle the call and assist the caller. This cuts out meaningless repetition and ensures that the caller will have their inquiry attended to immediately.

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