What are the Best US Cities for Jobs in 2023?

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Do you want to get in shape? Maybe learn a new skill? Or perhaps you’ve finally decided the time is right for you to climb back on the jobs ladder for that long-sought-after career change.

Despite the hectic nature of the last few years, the US job market is as busy as ever, and that means there’s no better time for those after some fresh workplace scenery to switch roles.

It could be that you already know exactly what industry you want to step into, but given the sheer size of the nation, you might be curious to know which of America’s biggest cities hold the most promise for those seeking new work.

To help you narrow your search down, and make your job hunt easier, we looked at the job offerings posted on Glassdoor in the 50 biggest US cities over the last month. We then filtered these results further by including data for specific factors, such as the number of part-time, full-time, WFH, and entry-level jobs available, alongside the number of jobs listed under each industry, all to see which city has the most potential for job hunters.

So, without further ado, we can now reveal the best US cities for jobs in 2023!

The top 5 US cities for job seekers

To start off with, and perhaps to no one’s real surprise, the number one place to look for jobs in 2023 is likely to be New York. Boasting an enormous total of 12,072 new job postings in the last month, it practically dwarfs the second nearest city, Houston Texas, by 4,364 jobs!

Much of New York’s new jobs look to be in the finance industry, with 1,044 new positions opening up in this area, though this is not necessarily an indication of this industry being the most popular, as we’ll see later.

As for the other top 5 US cities for jobs, Houston Texas is looking to be a hotspot for those after work in the energy, mining, and utilities sector, which accounted for 646 of Houston’s 7,708 new job offers.

Boston is also not far behind the Texan giant, offering 7,461 new roles, 665 of which were specifically in the healthcare industry, and the same can be said for Dallas Texas’s 7,324 January job offers, with companies seeking 542 new healthcare staff overall.

Last but not least, the US capital itself is set to be a good location for job hunting. Washington DC saw 7,323 new jobs posted on Glassdoor in just one month, with 628 being for those with experience in the IT sector.

The top US cities for role flexibility

So, now that you know where most jobs are going in the US, what about job flexibility? The flexibility of when and where you work is just as important as a job that matches your skills, and definitely something you want to consider when seeking new employment.

For those after full-time roles, Mesa Arizona might be your best bet. 74% of the total new jobs they offered were full-time positions, as were 73% of those being advertised in Fresno California. Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Denver Colorado, and Arlington Texas were also very high up on the list for full-time roles, with 72% of offered jobs falling into this category.

And as for people more interested in part-time roles, Virginia Beach is the spot to be, with 32% of their jobs being part-time. Mesa, Fresno, and Arlington again made appearances, Mesa providing 29% part-time roles and Fresno and Arlington 27%. And Long Beach California swept in at the bottom with 26% of their new roles matching the part-time filter.

But what about if you’re looking to work from home? Well, for this, you could consider moving to San Francisco. 15% of the city’s new jobs were work-from-home friendly, which was higher than Chicago and New York, both of which only offered 11% WFH positions. Austin Texas and Washington DC are also WFH spots, with 10% of their jobs having this tag.

Finally, for people just getting on the job ladder, the best place for entry roles appears to be LA, with 31% of their new jobs being at an entry-level. In fact, this was far more than any other city, with Mesa only offering 9%, and Bakersfield California, Arlington, and Raleigh North Carolina providing just 8% entry-level jobs!

What are the most popular US industries in 2023?

With all this data to hand, you likely have a good idea of what cities provide the most potential for job hunters, and which cities might offer the flexibility you need in your ideal role. But if you’re going for a career change, what are the most prominent industries at this time that you might want to consider moving to?

Without a doubt, the most popular US industry at this time is the healthcare sector, with a total vacancy requirement of 14,149 positions in all the top 50 biggest cities combined. To put that in perspective, that’s 5,078 more than the next most popular industry, I.T. which has 9,07 open vacancy slots.

Other big industries to watch in 2023 include Retail, which has a total of 8,854 jobs on offer. Finance, which needs 8,6893 spots filling, and construction, with 6,115 spots available to job seekers with skills in this area.

And there you have it; those are the top US cities for jobs in 2023. Hopefully, this has given you some insight on just where to start your next job hunt, and what industries you might potentially find work in.

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