What is a virtual office answering service?

Running a business can be exciting, fulfilling, and yet almost always stressful. Being your own boss and working your own hours sounds great, and it can be an extremely rewarding way to work, but it’s rarely an easy way of life.

With the Covid-19 pandemic forcing many people to work from home, and many more people to lose their jobs, thousands of entrepreneurial-minded individuals are looking to start their own businesses.

The pandemic has legitimized the remote, home-based business and distributed teams. Pre-pandemic, it is reasonable to suggest that only a small number of pioneering companies such as WordPress operated remotely. To be taken seriously and seen as a legitimate business in many industries, you needed to lease a bricks-and-mortar office. At least in the short-term, this perception has changed, and remote working could be here to stay.

With that said, virtual offices and virtual office answering services still offer a multitude of benefits. This article will examine the various advantages of using a virtual office address and hiring a virtual office answering service.