Turning good to great CX for professional services

Here at Moneypenny, we firmly believe outstanding service is crucial to a business’s success. We pride ourselves on answering every call and live chat on behalf of our clients with a smile – it’s what makes us experts in what we do.
Customer experience done well means you’ll continue to thrive. Executed in the wrong way, and you can expect a sea of bad reviews and high customer churn to follow. insight6, the customer experience specialists, have created a detailed report that delves into four professional services industries: accountancy, insurance & finance, legal and real estate. To discover how well each sector performed in terms of CX over the course of 2021, they used an NPS metric to survey 256 companies and gathered data from 500 new inquiries. Specifically focusing on phone, online and web chat channels, this report is a valuable resource for any professional services firm wanting to know more about the power of CX.

Here’s a bit of what you can expect:


Phone: As a whole, accountancy firms come across as warm and engaging but struggle with follow-ups and callbacks.

Online: Initial inquiries are often directed to email addresses, however 32% fail to receive a response thereafter.

Webchat: Only 15% of accountancy firms have a chat facility, and of these, most are of poor quality and offer little emotional engagement for website visitors.

Insurance & Finance

Phone: This sector is the best in terms of call answering, but doesn’t engage well with millennials on account of their tech-savvy nature.

Online: Despite initial high engagement on websites, follow-up rates for insurance & finance firms are weak in comparison to other sectors.

Webchat: Following in the footsteps of online inquiries, chat appears to be a popular channel, but there’s a failure to maximize potential due to tardy response times.


Phone: Although offering prompt service over the phone, law firms ultimately lack warmth and empathy, causing them to rank the lowest in this category.

Online: Replies to web inquiries are also poor within the sector, with 37% of customers receiving no reply to their emails.

Webchat: Only 16% of firms with a chat option on their site are able to successfully deliver a human touch through this communication medium.

Real estate

Phone: With timely replies and appropriate levels of empathy, real estate firms perform well, however the short-term goal of an immediate sale is very much the focus.

Online: Despite most making it super simple for customers to contact them online, 32% of web visitors don’t receive a response to their inquiry at all.

Webchat: 21% offer chat – higher than any other sector – and all respond to initial inquiries within one minute. The downfall is that they lack an expert reply.

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It’s clear that effective communication is essential when it comes to CX, and human connection lies at the heart of this. With more competition today than ever before, businesses need to think more tactically about how they can deliver exceptional CX in order to win new clients and, more importantly, retain the ones they already have. To explore this further and discover more detailed stats about your sector, download insight6’s report today.

Outsourcing is a great way to improve your CX, because it allows you to focus on what you do best, knowing you have expert support on hand to look after incoming inquiries. Moneypenny is the leading provider of Phone Answering and Live Chat services, tailored to suit your business needs. To find out more, call 866.202.0005 now.