How law firms can use Live Chat to win more clients

In the years we have been working with the legal profession, we haven’t seen a game-changer embraced by so many law firms quite like Live Chat.

At Moneypenny, the demand for managed Live Chat (chats handed by real people, rather than bots) by law firms has gone up 115% in the past 12 months. Pre-lockdown, 35% of legal chats resulted in a lead or new business.

During lockdown, we saw that increase to 65% for many firms. Live Chat helps to remove the friction from your website, which may prevent someone from reaching out e.g. a complicated site, or lack of quote options.

Why are we the experts on managed Live Chat? We have developed our people and technology recipe which is proving extremely popular with all businesses, including law firms.

We’ve put together this guide to explain how Live Chat will work on your website and the different ways it can encourage people to work with your firm.

If you want to speak to one of our friendly and informative team about what Live Chat could do for your website, or to take a FREE trial, call 866.202.0005 today.