Different ways accounting firms are using live chat

There’s just one way of using live chat. Right? Well, actually no.

At its heart, the tool itself is a simple concept – giving your website visitor the ability to ask questions and leave their details in a conversational way with a real person.

Its simplicity and immediacy are why people like it. But there is more cleverness behind simply adding it to your website. Here are different ways it can be used:

1. Extended hours

This is one of the most popular ways of using live chat. So many of us tackle our ‘life admin’ in the evenings after work. Being available during those ‘couch search times’ is vital for capturing leads that would otherwise be missed. Without live chat, firms are hoping web visitors will call the next day, fill out a webform or send an email. But if a competitor has live chat and can answer questions then and there, the firm without it will have lost a potential client. Make it easier for your visitors by having a real life person on your website, ready to answer questions and take down details.

2. Live FAQs

You can also use live chat as a live, interactive frequently asked question section. If you know there are queries that people often ask about, you can get ahead and pre-empt this by asking a question directly once a visitor is on that page. It’s a great way to start a conversation and then obtain contact information to arrange a follow-up call and drive more inquiries into your pipeline. It’s also a great way of understanding exactly what people need to know from you. You’ll get a sense of the type of questions your potential clients need help with, and you can then change the content of your website to reflect this.

3. Welcoming return visitors

We know that it can take multiple visits before people feel ready to inquire and move forward with getting financial advice. Accounting firms can use live chat to welcome return visitors to the website with a bespoke message – this could be all it takes to get them ready to take action and get in touch. Based on their IP address, we can see the previous chat transcript and all previous details that have been left, removing the need for us to ask repeat questions and thus making the visitor feel valued.

4. Relevant messaging to area of accountancy

The text and language used on your live chat message can be tailored to the specific page it appears on.

For example, if someone is on your tax page, a proactive chat can pop up and say “Do you require help with your tax?” – this can then prompt them to interact with you instead of potentially leaving the website.

In fact, using the relevant language increases the likelihood of a chat conversation occurring, of which 40% result in a new inquiry.

Moneypenny offers a unique, turnkey solution, giving you the best people and technology to manage your chats perfectly. If you’re interested in Live Chat for your accounting firm’s website, you’re welcome to take a FREE trial – just contact one of our team on 866.202.0005.