What are the financial benefits of a phone answering service?

Using a phone answering service can enhance productivity, streamline workflow and ensure every important phone call is captured.

Additional benefits of a phone answering service include:

  • A significant reduction in interruptions
  • The ability to capture all inquiries & business calls
  • More time is available to focus on your core work
  • Providing a great customer experience for callers
  • Improving brand awareness and reputation
  • Out of hours availability
  • Low monthly cost compared to an in-house receptionist
  • Unlike an in-house receptionist, there is no need to fill in lots of legal paperwork
  • No permanent or lengthy contracts

It is virtually impossible to quantify a phone answering service’s financial benefits into an exact amount of money per month. However, a high-quality phone answering service such as Moneypenny ensures you capture all inquiries, provides an outstanding customer experience, and increases productivity. Our own research suggests that 1 in 3 business calls are missed – this can damage your company image and brand, as well as hurt your business’s revenue at the end of the financial year.