An introduction to Moneypenny’s Insolvency Support Line

Designed to keep high call volumes following company administration announcements away from your busy team, our Insolvency Support Line allows you to assist any client’s callers with the urgent information they need.

What is it exactly? We give you a dedicated phone number, a customized recorded menu option to direct callers (e.g. ‘Press 1 if chasing payment’), and the option of Moneypenny Receptionists in the background to sensitively respond to calls according to your specific instructions.

Here, our Head of Business Development, Stephanie Vaughan-Jones, looks at the reasons why firms are choosing this support and the benefits they can expect to see.

Moneypenny is trusted by hundreds of accountancy firms globally, delivering professional and tailored call and live chat provision. If you’d like to know more about how we support the finance sector, head here.